The fairy child floats on the back of the wind and tenderly steps barefoot onto the warmth of a lone sand dune at the end of the earth. She feels every gram of the crisp sand gently embracing, massaging, uniting with the sole of her foot, and a breeze sweeps more specks in a wild dance over her happy feet, glimmering and flickering in the warm orange light.


Nomad Girl, a child of the earth, kneels down and bows, her forehead resting on the bosom of her mother, as the glorious sun stretches his defined rays over the land, tenderly caressing her bare back and awakening the earth child. She trustingly raises her head and gets to her feet, safe in pure union with yin and yang, spirit and matter, nature’s essence itself.


She gives a gleeful giggle and bursts into an ecstatic dance, limbs all over, swirling, colours, rainbow dust, and a breeze sweeps up the soft sand and warm sun rays and earth’s hugs and the blissful child whose eyes widen with wonder, awe, love, peace and trust.

narissa child of the earth sound healer and femal african backpacker

Narissa Allibhai

Nomad girl & Child of the earth
Brown girl from Africa backpacking the world, that’s me. There aren’t many of us. But if I can do it, so can you.