Who is Nomad Girl?

A free spirit, a fairy child, a hippie. She walks with love from the beating heart of Mother Earth; with an olive branch forever in her beak; with a deep trust of you, good soul; and with an ever-flowing spring of bliss. Upon meeting her, your souls will sit for a cup of steaming love brew and you will learn, share and grow together. When she leaves, you will never forget her and she will never forget you – you met for a reason.


The nomad girl comes from a lineage of camel herders in the desert. Her ancient instinct and ancestral guides lead her trusting feet to hidden corners of the earth where she is destined to walk. On full moons, a wild human howl will echo from the mountaintop as she pays her respects to the moon. At sunrise, she and one of her pack of love dogs that roam every inch of the earth will be found deep in meditation, or deep in embrace of pure unconditional love.


Nomad Girl is bold. Nomad Girl is daring. Yet Nomad Girl is gentle, loving, trusting. Nomad Girl has broken free of the system. She wanders the world of dreams. She glides on magical currents where fantasy becomes reality. A life of uncertainty is her chosen path.


She stands by the side of a road that stretches into the mysterious unknown. A rusty bus with colourful graffiti pulls over and she climbs on, exchanging smiles and greetings with the friendly passengers. She sits by a window and her eyes are soon soothes by the green hills that roll by. With not a clue where she will sleep that night, what lies ahead, she gives a satisfied sigh. Nomad girl is home.

Work with me

Writing Work

I write on:

  • Budget travel and backpacking
  • Solo travel, especially solo female backpacking
  • Human rights and environmental justice
  • Arts for social change
  • Spirituality and consciousness

Email me on info@journeywithnari.com for collaborations.

Digital nomad life. Working from the white sands of Diani.


Meditation and Wellness

I also offer:

  • Sound healing with the Tibetan singing bowls
  • Meditation facilitation
  • Hatha yoga and pranayama
  • Interactive talks on the above
  • Sound baths for groups

Email me on earthchild@journeywithnari.com or visit the info page here

narissa child of the earth sound healer and femal african backpacker

Narissa Allibhai

Nomad girl & Child of the earth
Brown girl from Africa backpacking the world, that’s me. There aren’t many of us. But if I can do it, so can you.