Journey with Nari

Welcome to my world of budget travel,
philosophy, love, art, nature and spirituality.

Who is Child of the Earth?

The fairy child floats on the back of the wind and tenderly steps barefoot onto the warmth of a lone sand dune at the end of the earth. She feels every gram of the crisp sand gently embracing, massaging, uniting with the sole of her foot, and a breeze sweeps more specks in a wild dance over her happy feet, glimmering and flickering in the warm orange light. Continue reading

My Soul Journey

I invite you to take a plunge into my own spiritual journey here. I share my path’s realms of light, chasms of darkness, and moments of growth. Continue reading

Sound Healing

I am a life student and practitioner of Nada Yoga and sound healing with the singing bowls, bamboo flute, gong, mokugyo drum and voice. I would like to explain simply here what these processes are, with some examples, as well as share my initiation into the journey. Continue reading

Sound healer in forest with bansuri flute

Meet Nomad Girl

Brown girl from Africa backpacking the world, that’s me. There aren’t many of us. But if I can do it, so can you.

My Story

My ancestors were nomadic pastoralists. I’ve traced our history generations back to when we were Afghani warriors, who migrated over the centuries to Pakistan, to north-west India with trader caravans, and eventually to the Kutch desert, always with their loyal camels, goats and sheep.

After being converted from Shakti worshippers to a Shia sect of Islam, they moved to certain Gujarati villages. Continue reading

My Work

Writing Work

I write on:

  • Budget travel and backpacking
  • Solo travel, especially solo female backpacking
  • Human rights and environmental justice
  • Arts for social change
  • Spirituality and consciousness

Find out more here.

About me

A free spirit, a fairy child, a hippie. She walks with love from the beating heart of Mother Earth; with an olive branch forever in her beak; with a deep trust of you, good soul; and with an ever-flowing spring of bliss.


Upon meeting her, your souls will sit for a cup of steaming love brew and you will learn, share and grow together. When she leaves, you will never forget her and she will never forget you – you met for a reason. Continue reading

Places I have traveled